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Let's lower your scores together

Most junior golfers have access to a swing instructor who helps them with the mechanics of his or her golf swing. However, most junior golfers do not have access to a Performance Coach like the best golfers in the world have access to on a regular basis, someone who can help them develop all the areas of their golf game.

A Performance Coach can help a junior golfer become more consistent by improving the following areas directly related to their tournament performance.


Skill Development and Transfer of Skills to Tournament Golf

Full-swing - Short-game - Putting - Speciality Shots - Recovery Shots

Mental Performance

How a golfer chooses to think about themselves, their golf game, their playing partners, and the golf course during a competitive round of golf.

Course Strategy & Management

How well a golfer applies his or her unique strategy as it relates to the golf course setup, the weather, the golfer's score, and the perceived pressure surrounding a given golf shot (while always being aware of their strengths and weaknesses).

Tournament Preparation (At-home Practice & Practice Round)

How and how well a golfer prepares all areas of their golf game before starting tournament competition.

Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) Evaluation and Training

Each golfer is born with and develops unique physical attributes over time.

The golfer will be given the option to receive a TPI evaluation followed by golf-specific training recommendations.

TPI evaluation and training recommendations provided in-person or virtually by a Level 3 TPI Certified Professional.

Golf Equipment

Making sure that the junior golfer has golf equipment that allows them to play their best golf.

Masters Program


$125 per hour

Performance Coaching pricing  is discounted to a
$75 hourly rate for the first 5 hours

Jonathan will get to know more about the junior golfer's golf game


We will discuss future goals and the valuable performance development elements and strategies listed above

Junior golfer will have access to a TPI evaluation with results being shared -- training recommendations based on evaluation will also be available


Jonathan will share advice and feedback after an initial performance assessment and 9-hole on-course assessment or tournament observation  (will be scheduled once payment is received)


An explanation of statistics and analysis will be provided along with advice on tournament scheduling and tournament reviews


You will be sent a final summary that will provide recommendations along with scheduling another call to discuss the next steps in the performance development process

(The first on-course assessment or tournament observation is included minus all travel costs, with all additional assessments or observations being charged at an hourly rate. All travel expenses will be billed back to the client)

U.S. Open Program


$500 per day

This is a terrific opportunity to play a practice round at a future tournament site with Jonathan assisting in creating a concise plan for how to successfully play the golf course


Yardage book creation, target and shot selections, warm-up timing and routines, and post round debriefing are all important parts of this process


This program will mimic a collegiate golf practice round with best practices shared with regards to what the best players in the world focus on during a productive practice round


All expenses would be billed to the client

PGA Championship Program

Full Tournament

$650 per round

Jonathan will be onsite from the beginning of the practice round, to the final putt


This program allows Jonathan to watch and monitor each round while having a valuable post round discussion about went well, what can be put in place for success the following day after reviewing statistics


Such a program is very valuable allowing Jonathan to watch the player in tournament situations when there would not be on course coaching or a caddy available


This program would not include caddying, but Jonathan is available to caddy at an additional cost

When a tournament allows caddies, this opportunity will be very similar to what a player will experience in college when a particular coach chooses to walk with one of their players


All expenses would be billed to the client.

**All fees must be paid prior to the start of a program

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