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Let Coach Bowden evaluate your golf game

How do you know what to improve if you don't know what is holding you back?

NXT Level Golf offers athletes several different evaluation options to allow them begin taking their golf game to the next level!

High School Golfer
Online Recruiting Evaluation
Is your game ready for college golf?
Find out today!


Coach Bowden will speak with the golfer over FaceTime or Zoom get to know more about the junior, the golfer's golf game, and where the golfer is in the college golf recruiting process


The golfer will record a video of an iron swing, driver swing, putting stroke, and their grip. Coach Bowden will evaluate the golfer's golf clubs/equipment. The golfer will then send videos to Coach Bowden to analyze

Coach Bowden will use Sportsbox 3D Golf analysis software to analyze the golfer's iron swing and driver swing

The golfer will be given a Mental Performance Assessment to complete online

The golfer will share his or her recruiting resume with Coach Bowden

The resume should include...

- Athletic history and personal biography

- Scoring history, tournament schedule, and any statistics

- List of potential golf programs/universities or colleges of interest

- Weighted and non-weighted cumulative GPA

- Academic and athletic achievements, non-academic/athletic achievements

- Community service experience

Coach Bowden will share his feedback on the golfer's video analysis, the completed mental performance assessment, recruiting resume, and recommendations relating to the recruiting process with the golfer 3-4 days following their initial call

Junior - Amateur - Professional
In-Person or Online Performance Evaluation


Coach Bowden will get to know more about the golfer's golf game in-person or over FaceTime/Zoom


We will discuss future goals and the valuable performance development elements and strategies listed above in more detail and will be given a mental performance assessment to complete at home

Coach Bowden will receive video of golfer's game and will evaluate the golfer's golf clubs/equipment, short-game, putting, and full-swing using video, and Sportsbox 3D Golf including (recorded) video analysis of each area of golfer's golf game

Coach Bowden will share recommendations and a comprehensive development plan/outline based on the performance assessment and evaluation. Golfer will be given access to the NXT Level Golf training platform (CoachNow)

Online golfers will be sent a final summary that will provide recommendations along with scheduling another call to discuss the next steps in the performance development process

** Golfer can purchase a virtual TPI fitness evaluation with results being shared -- corrective exercises and physical training recommendations based on screening will also be available at an additional cost

9-Hole Evaluation
$100 per hour
Golf fees and mileage paid for by golfer
(40 miles max)

Junior, College, Amateur, and Professional golfer will be asked to complete a mental performance assessment online before evaluation begins.

Coach Bowden will get to know junior and college golfer while observing them playing, and will take notes & video throughout the round.

Coach Bowden will be analyzing the following elements of golfer's game:

-Full swing, Short-game, and Putting routines

-Body Language, Decision-Making, Course-Management, Strengths & Weaknesses, Attitude, Confidence

Coach Bowden will share his analysis and feedback with junior or college golfer after the round using CoachNow coaching platform 2-3 days following evaluation.

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